Technology at work.
For candidates, workers, companies.


Jobtech is a HR tech company made of 3 main business lines: temporary work agency , talent research & selection, business processes. Nowadays we are launching the first digital temporary work agency in Italy through a variety of vertical marketplaces:,,,, Through proprietary technology we match best candidates, best jobs and transparent compensation.

How it works


As a worker

Subscribe: access to tailored job posts Apply: select your favorite job posts Work: get your schedule and start earning


As a company

Create: define details of your job post Review: select your preferred candidates Work: get your worker and grow your business

We take care of everything else.


Jobtech is able to respond to all the typical needs of HR management: research and selection of personnel, selection of the most suitable candidates and support in staff leasing.

Jobtech is the first agency for employment to introduce research and selection, administration and staff leasing solutions with digital traction within the Italian landscape.

Jobtech, the digital temporary employment agency, was born to digitize temporary work.

Putting technology at the service of talent to reduce costs and time of HR processes. Jobtech, the digital employment agency that revolutionizes the meeting between supply and demand in the world of work, is a startup born to innovate a traditional business such as that of temp agencies.


“When I created Jobtech, as an entrepreneur, I was facing Italy’s largest pain-point: labour” Paolo says “and I soon realized that technology was the missing ingredient to unlock huge value for me, for our investors and for the country” Angelo “I left BCG to join Paolo as a co-founder without any reserve as the opportunity is big and clear: high demand in the market, paper-based competition, fallen barrier to entries, incredible team and investors”