A subscription service to discover and try latest beauty exclusive and emerging trends.


ABIBY is a fast growing digital startup, born to create the most exclusive Beauty Subscription model. Our mission consists in scouting top emerging and innovative beauty brands and bringing them into the cosmetic markets in which we are active. A unique user experience is enlightening our members from the beginning of the funnel to the monthly box experience.
We are succeeding in the ambitious goal of redefining the way cosmetics enter homes, presenting exclusive brands and creating unprecedented storytelling around them. We have now passed our national borders to conquer the Spanish market.

How it works


Choose the subscription plan

Wait for your box at home or at the office, we notify you when it will arrive.


Unbox your monthly surprises

Open the box, look at the bag, discover new brands and our advice; try the products and fall in love with them.


Get access to community’s benefits

Abiby members have access to special promotions, private sales, exclusive content and all you need to know about beauty.


Think about a monthly blind date. Think about the chance to discover lots of brands, from all over the world, hard to find anywhere but in a place. That place is Abiby.

Every month Abiby offers a box with new brands and high level products, thanks to the collaboration with international and well known companies as well as niche brands.

A beautiful and unexpected gift for people addicted to beauty, interested in new consumer habits and always looking for high quality products to be tested.

If you’re not able to decide among a multitude of products, choose Abiby: a brand new platform to let you discover every month new cosmetics.

A box that triples, with its high level products, the value of the money spent every month. A beautiful beauty surprise.

Whether it’s body creams or hair lotions, what matters most is that it is a particular or original product, with a story to tell.


Abiby was born in 2018 from the idea of two young and passionate Italian entrepreneurs: Mario Parteli, born in 1989 and included in the list of the 100 young leaders of the future according to Forbes Italy, former as Managing Director for Facile.it, and Luca Della Croce, born in 1987 and with former experience as Country Manager Thailand for Lazada, Alibaba Group. They lead the fastest growing company in Italy in the Beauty-as-a-Service category and closed their first seed funding round in 2019, totalling €1.5 million. To date, the company has successful partnerships both with emerging brands from all over the world and with giants of the beauty and fashion sectors.