unparalleled EXECUTION.

cutting edge technology.


Establish ventures that last forever, leveraging extraordinary people, great execution and cutting edge technologies in high potential industries where innovation can truly change the game.







Supporting the entrepreneurs

G2 is an entrepreneurial project aimed at identifying new high potential business models and supporting the entrepreneurs taking the challenge. At G2 work begins before a new company is registered:


Generating ideas

Starting from the needs of the market G2 transforms ideas into entrepreneurial projects that it follows until the exit. All the projects are digital plans for a consumer market, at first for the Italian scenario.


Finding talent

To build up the projects and lead the startups, G2 gathers the most professional entrepreneurs and the best skilled teams. This is possible thanks to its deep technical expertise and an impressive business experience.


Taking care

G2 manages strategy, online marketing, HR, communications & PR, legal and finance. Who builds a new venture can just focus on developing technology, validating and polishing business models and testing products.


It’s not about the idea, it’s about its execution

Good ideas can be found everywhere.
Transforming them into sustainable business models requires the right ecosystem and a battle-tested approach.

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